History, mission, values

Public corporation "Closed-end undiversified venture corporate investment fund "INTEGRUM VENTURES" was founded in 2013 for 49 years by a group of Ukrainian and foreign private investors to finance small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine. The fund's shareholders capital is UAH 500 mln.
By virtue of successful financial and economic results of the companies the fund invests in, the net asset value per share increased by 273%. In other words, the shareholder who bought the fund shares for UAH 1000 when it began, now could gain from sale UAH 2730.
Liquidity of fund shares is provided by their repurchase by the fund itself. Despite we are a closed-end fund, we will release a regular shares buyback and always meet our commitments.
In order to ensure liquidity in the secondary market, the fund's shares were enlisted on the Stock Exchange Perspective in November 2013 (ticker INTEGV), and in July 2016 shares were included into the stock register of Ukrainian Stock Exchange (instrument's code IFINT).

Our mission:
  • The fund invests in companies with low and middle-capitalization that work in competitive markets with growth potential, as well as in IT start-ups in the early stages of lifecycle
  • The аund will invest not only money, but also knowledge, experience and ideas to improve the company's market position, creatу long-term competitive advantages and increase capitalization
  • The fund puts ambitious goals before the management of companies and helps achieve theme
  • Our painstaking daily work is aimed at improving the welfare of our shareholders

Our values:

  • We are tied to our work, hardworking and ambitious
  • We are experienced enough, but always open to new ideas
  • We are fair to the shareholders, government and society
  • We appreciate competition and competitiveness
  • Our activities and the activities of the companies we invest in, is transparent, and the results are always available to each shareholder
  • We keep our word, because we know the value of our reputation