Information for investors

Buying shares of Integrum Ventures is a sound investment alternative and may interest those who wish to save and increase their capital

Our fund invests in companies from the real economy and financial sector, and also in IT-projects. The main indicator of the efficiency of the fund is its net asset value per share and the dynamics of this indicator. Thus, since its founding in 2013, the Integrum Ventures net assets value per share has risen up by 300%. The financial results of the companies we own and invest in are the basis for our shares value. Sound activities of our companies has ensured significant growth the fund's shares value. Beside successful financial results, the companies we invest in are liquid enough to ensure regular payments to the fund. This reinforces fund with enough cash to provide its shares buyback. If investors do not want to exit the investment, the fund keeps on investing in the companies from its portfolio, new companies or creating companies for certain business-projects

The fund's supervisory board pays much attention to its subsidiaries' activities. The fund's team is qualified enough to provide proper level of analysis of the companies in priority areas of investments. We learn attentively the areas, our subsidiaries work in, level of competence and their market positions, prospects for sales growth nad their profitability. We study financial statements of the companies thoroughly. We also pay much attention to the way how our subsidiaries develop. It is important for us that the strategies of our subsidiaries base on a sustainable growth and social contribution

Our fund's shares can be viewed both as the main object of investment portfolio and for the diversification purposes

For institutional investors:

Our shares may interest institutional investors: insurance companie (risk and life), pension funds, non-banking and banking institutions. Our shares are liquid in the secondary market, namely they are included into the exchange list of Stock Exchange "Ukrainian Exchange". Institutional investors may buy any number of the fund's shares.

For private invetors:

The Integrum Ventures' shares may surely be interesting for private investors also. In accordance with the requirements of 
The Law of Ukraine "About the collective investment institutions", an individual can become a member to the venture fund only if he buys the number of the securities, the nominal value of which exceeds 1500 minimum wages in a monthly amount, that is provided by law as of January 1, 2014. The minimum threshold for private investor's investment is UAH 1 827 000

The supervisory board member responsible for investor relations is Oleksandr Kirimov. He can be reached on any matters concerning the fund's activities or it's subsidiaries, entering into or exiting from the investment, online via the contact form, or directly via his e-mail:

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