Investment Strategy

We are looking for companies with high potential of competitiveness, credible leadership and nature of the business that is clear to us. We are also ready to invest in a financially stable company with a long-term competitive advantage and brilliant management. We especially appreciate the companies, controlled by their founders, if they are committed to their work, but are looking for new growth opportunities
We fund companies through equity participation, interest bearing loans, corporate bonds and bills. Integrum's main source of income, which contributes to the net asset value growth, is generated by interest payments of our subsidiares.Unlike most investment funds, we do not consider company capitalizations increase with subsequent sale of the company to be our primary goal. We shall keep investing in succesfull companies, projects and teams as long as possible 
Oil and gas, plastics processing, insurance and finance, and information technology - are the priority areas of investments
We share our capital into two groups: conservative and venture:
The conservative part, which is 90% of the portfolio, is invested in the business, capable of generating a stable cash flow and create value added
Our venture capital investments, that make up a tenth of the investment portfolio, are aimed at financing new companies, especially those that promote innovative ideas, technologies and forms of business. Investing in venture projects in the early stages of the life cycle allows us to expect outperformance in the medium term. We invest in great ideas, prone to easy scalability
We invest not only money, but also our knowledge, communications, experience
Our revenues are mainly used for new investments in the companies that make up our portfolio, the new companies, or we invest in people's capacities, establishing new companies under certain projects
In order to interst Integrum Ventures, an existing company should meet the following criteria :
  • the presence of a long-term competitive advantage
  • high potential for profitability increase
  • transparent financial reporting without accounting gimmicks
  • intelligent management, which has considerable experience in the industry
  • lack of concentration on governmental orders


The fund gives special attention to the companies that operate in competitive markets with significant capacity, while the company's market share is insignificant. The fund also outlines export-oriented companies

In order to interst Integrum Ventures, an applicant for investments should provide a business plan and prove the following:

  • the potential demand for his product
  • the competence of the project team
  • the project's capacity to scaling
  • potential income on invested capital
  • the ability to exit from the investments


An applicant for investments should be ready to invest some money to his project himself