For 10 months 2017, Mozyr Oil Refinery provided 76% of gasoline imports to Ukraine


In January-December 2017, Mozyr Oil Refinery provided 76% of imported gasoline supplies to Ukraine.


According to the consulting company UPECO for the indicated period, about 764 thousand tons of gasoline from the Mozyr oil refinery was shipped to the Ukrainian market, which is 76% of all imports. Note, that compared to the same period in 2016, shipment from the plant to Ukraine decreased by 15,7%.


During this period, the refinery shipped in equal shares both A-92 (378 thousand tons) and A-95 (384 thousand tons). Also, in small quantities, from Mozyr to Ukraine, and A-98 - about 1,8 thousand tons.


Recall, that in January-October 2017, gasoline balance in Ukraine decreased by 8,7% from 1,82 million tons to 1,66 million tons.


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