Lukoil selling 230 filling stations in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland to AMIC.


LUKOIL Europe Holdings BV and AMIC Energy Management GmbH have signed a contract to sell  around 230 filling stations in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, reported the press service of the Russian Tax Code.


The deals are likely to be closed in the second quarter of 2016 after they are approved by antimonopoly authorities  countries in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.


“ The decision on the sale of a retail chain in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland was made within a program of the optimization of Lukoil’s retail asset structure in Europe,” the company said.


After the deals are completed, Luktarna and VIADA Baltija, affiliated with the management of Lukoil’s unit Lukoil Baltija, will operate filling stations in Lithuania and Latvia.


Recall that the August 11, 2014 "LUKOIL" and the investment company AMIC signed an agreement for the sale of the Austrian side of 100% shares of "LUKOIL-Ukraine". Today the network operates 240 filling stations and 6 tank farms in Ukraine.


The  investors from Austria to  have completed the deal  about to received  of the Ukrainian business "LUKOIL", only in the end of April 2015 after an operation approved ACU. In late May, the company «AMIC Ukraine" presented the first fully re-branded gas stations in Kiev.


The filling stations AMIC in Ukraine under attack by people who believe this transaction cover for "LUKOIL". Therefore AMIC forced to regularly declare their Austrian origin.


In August 2014, "LUKOIL", announced the signing of an agreement with the Hungarian MOL Plc companies. and Norm Benzinkut Kft about the sale of 138 gas stations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Slovnaft Ceska Republica (subsidiary of MOL Plc.) has acquired a network of 44 filling stations "LUKOIL" in the Czech Republic. Norm Benzinkut buys "LUKOIL" of 75 filling stations in Hungary and 19 - in Slovakia.


The company "LUKOIL"  previously said it expects to receive from the sale of European gas station more than 100 million euro. Leaders of the Russian Tax Code bound decision on the sale of gas stations with the "optimization of business in the field of oil products."


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