Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine again studies the retail market of gasolines and diesel fuel because of possible collusion


Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine will study the retail market of oil products because of possible collusion of market participants. This was reported by the state commissioner Valery Polyukhovich at a meeting with market participants on Friday.


This was reported by the correspondent of NefteRynka who visited the event.


The reason for the meeting was a signal from the public about the allegedly non-competitive actions of retail operators. Valery Polyukhovich said, that at the moment the committee is not going to initiate the initiation of investigations against specific companies, and the meeting was initiated to understand the current situation on the market.


Representatives of SOCAR, AMIC, OKKO, WOG, "Ukrnafta'', "BNK-Ukraine", Head of the "Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine" Dmitry Kulik and "Ukrneftekhimpererabotka" Mikhail Mindresku were present in the meeting. In total, representatives of more than 55% of the market attended the meeting.


Information NefteRynok:


According to the UPECO consulting company, from the beginning of 2017 the average retail price for gasoline A-95 increased by 16,6% to 27,39 UAH per liter, on diesel fuel - by 19,8% to 25,17 UAH per liter. At the same time, wholesale prices for incomplete 11 months 2017 changed by 17,4% and 13% to 25,46 UAH per liter and 22,23 UAH per liter.


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