LPG started to rise in price after a sharp jump in wholesale prices


In the period from 1 to 2 July, several major operators have increased the cost of LPG. About this OilNews reported in "Consulting Croup" A-95 ", citing to own monitoring of the market price.


Fuel has risen in price in the network WOG, Shell, SOCAR, Marshal, «BRSM-Nafta." The growth amounted to 0,07-0,28 UAH per liter. Operators of the capital monoblock "Bars 2000", "Avantage", the Smart, and others have not changed their prices - 7,53 UAH per liter. The rise in price was the result of a sharp rise in wholesale prices. Thus, the prices in the metropolitan area for car party only for three days added 1000 UAH per ton, reaching 12 600-12 800 UAH per ton. At the same time growth in June amounted to 3 200 UAH per ton. As market operators say next week, the prices can cross in 13 000 UAH per ton. Also, interviewed market participants expressed confidence in a more significant rise in price at retail in the coming days.



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