The autogas threw off another 13 kopecks per liter


From September 27 to September 28, retail prices for liquefied gas decreased by an average of 13 kopecks per liter, to 13,67 UAH per liter. Thus, since the beginning of the month, the average price of autogas has fallen by 2,11 UAH per liter (almost by 13%). About this enkorr reported in the "Consulting Group A-95", referring to its own price monitoring of the market.


SOCAR lowered the price by 54 kopecks per liter - to 13,58 UAH per liter. At 29 kopecks per liter to 13,65 UAH per liter, the price declined in the OKKO network. At 21 kopecks cheapened a liter of fuel in the network of "Ukrnafta". "BRSM-Nafta" lowered the price by 19 kopecks per liter - to 13,4 UAH per liter. "WOG" reduced the cost per liter of LPG by 15 kopecks - up to 13,80 UAH per liter.


Liquefied gas at the "Avias" fallen by 13 kopecks per liter to 13,69 UAH per liter. For 10 kopecks per liter "Ukrhazdobycha" and "Katral" were thrown off. At 1 kopecks per liter, the resource cost of "AMIC" decreased.


The rest of the operators did not change the prices for the previous day.


Ukrainian prices for autogas in August 2017 set an absolute record for the entire history of observations. Just a month, an alternative to gasoline - liquefied gas - has risen in price at gas stations by 50%, while wholesale prices have doubled.




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