Automobile Party of diesel fuel became cheaper railway


The railway parties of diesel fuel the third day are trading at the same level - 23 060 UAH per ton, while the automobile parties continue to get cheaper. This OilNews told the "Consulting Group A-95" based on daily price monitoring on the wholesale market.


So, the average price of diesel fuel of Russian production at the station Novograd Volynskiy was 22 950 UAH per ton (about 19,40 UAH per liter), and was formed by the companies "E.Konnekt", "Vostok", "Temirtrans-Zahid" OKKO, WOG, and the "Alliance Energy Trade ". At the same time, the operator of the automobile supply, the pipeline resource "Anvitreyd" offered by diesel fuel by 19,10 UAH per liter.


Diesel fuel from Mozyr and Novopolotsk oil refineries exhibited "Alliance Oil Ukraine", OKKO, SOCAR and WOG of 23 000-23 200 UAH per ton (average about 19,50 UAH per liter) at the station Korosten. There automotive supplies operators of "Ukrpaletsistem" and "Factor" offers resources for 19,35-19,40 UAH per liter.


Similar gaps in price observed in the south of Ukraine. "Alliance Energy Trade" trades the Greek and Russian diesel fuel in the ports of Nikolaev and "Yuzhnyy" to 23 000 UAH per ton (about 19,45 UAH per liter). At the same time, the company "Orange Oil", which put the same Greek diesel fuel in one of the small ports, offers this product in a shallow wholesale by 19,30 UAH per liter. Also, according to the operators, on the market of the region is present on diesel fuel 18,80 UAH per liter, the company expecting the imminent arrival of a large party (about 30 thousand tons) from the sea. WOG exposes its Greek diesel fuel is more expensive, to 24,100 UAH per ton (about 20,35 UAH per liter).


Operators of large wholesale markets have also noted, that the price confrontation with traders from oil depots has led to a significant reduction in January 2016 deliveries of arctic diesel fuel grades. According to the "Consulting Group A-95" for 22 days of January in Ukraine received a total of 5 thousand tons of diesel fuel Class 2 (Arctic).


"Belarusian" Arctic "comes at a premium 67 USD per ton versus 25 USD per ton on a normal winter resource. Issued in 1150 UAH per ton more expensive. Lithuanian product almost not, and premium above - 70-100 USD per ton. The retail chain keep a small supply of this resource for possible cold weather, but in Ukraine, the demand for it is almost no ", - said one of the suppliers of the Arctic brands. Calculations show, that in the current environment imported "Arctic" will cost not less than 25,000 UAH per ton. Meanwhile, the "Arctic" diesel fuel consistently represented in the assortment of "Ukrtatnafta" for the price of 23 900 UAH per ton.


As previously reported, the low prices for small wholesale party due to the presence of large oil residues, delivered in December at the old rates of excise duty. At the same time, the large wholesale operators from the second decade of January is completely switched to the implementation of diesel fuel, cleared for increased since January 1 year rate.



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