In November, the car market of Ukraine recorded a surge of sales by 48%


In November, the sales of new cars in Ukraine increased by 48% compared to the same month in 2015 and 26% higher than in October of the current year - up to 7,372 thousand units.


"In November, was registered a record surge in new car sales for the first time in the last two years", - experts state.


According to them, in the first 11 months, Ukrainian car market increased by 39% and amounted to 56,934 thousand units.


In November, the growth of car sales was recorded in almost all operators, with rare exceptions, when in dealers simply to finished cars in warehouses. According to the experts, are indicative and the results of a positional struggle. In November, the two leaders in Ukraine with the same result (811 cars and more than 11% share) finished Toyota and Renault.


Significantly (by 54%) increased sales of new the Kia, surpassing the 500 cars (compared with October, the brand's share grew by 1,2 - to 6,1%), which made it possible to move to the third position from six in October.


Increase sales and Skoda dealers (on 18,2%), Ford (almost 57%), VW (almost 70%), Hyundai (at 31,4%), Nissan (30,3%) from the leading TOP- 10 of the Ukrainian market.


Many brands were able to improve performance in November at times. In particular, Seat, Great Wall, Chery, Fiat, Infiniti finished with unprecedented for the last months of the results.


As noted in the AUTO-Consulting, a revival in sales of new cars in Ukraine in November, experts associated with two factors: the intensification of the corporate segment and currency instability. This triggered activity and legal entities, and private owners.


"With such a sharp increase in sales in November, adjusted upwards and the forecast total sales in 2016. Apparently, the car market will finish in the range of 64-65 thousand new cars", - suggest experts.


As reported, the initial forecast passenger car market in Ukraine in 2016 ranged from 50-55 thousand cars (in 2015 sold 46,44 thousand cars).


In November, was announced the statistics auto market, also the association "Ukravtoprom", according to which, the initial registration of new cars in Ukraine increased by 41% in January-November - to 57,961 thousand units, including in November, Ukrainians have purchased 7,728 thousand new cars - 50% more than in November 2015. According to the association, the leadership in November - for Toyota, which sold 851 units (56% over the first 2-15 November). Renault takes the second position with 844 cars sold and an increase in sales of almost 2,2 times.


The third position, according to "Ukravtoproma" takes Skoda cars with a score of 507 and an increase of 2,4 times, and the KIA was fourth (505 cars, 2,7 times more).


On the fifth line - Volkswagen, whose sales have doubled to 498 units.


In addition, last month sold well Ford (491 units, 47% more); Nissan (456 units, an increase of 2,1 times), and Hyundai, which sold 438 units. But it is the only top ten brand, demonstrated the decline in sales in November 2015 (6%).


Closes TOP-10 in November Mercedes-Benz with a score of 248 registered sales ("plus" 76%).


According to the association, it became a bestseller month car KIA Sportage, the choice on which stopped 347 buyers.


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