In January-October, the balance of the fuel market amounted to 6,6 million tons


According "Consulting Group A-95", in January-October 2017, the balance of the market for gasoline and diesel fuel amounted to 6,59 million tons, which is almost the same as in January-October 2016 (6,58 million tons).


The balance of gasoline for the period fell by 6,8% to 1,69 million tons. At the same time, imports fell by 17,1% to 1,01 million tons. The drop was mainly due to a decrease in supplies from Belarus by 17,6% % - up to 805 thousand tons. At the same time, imports from Lithuania increased by 12,3% to 156 thousand tons. Since June, the import of gasoline from Poland was completely discontinued, which, according to the results of ten months, was reduced to 19 thousand tons.


Ukrainian refineries shipped 685,8 thousand tons of gasoline in January-October, which is 10,5% more than last year. The main contribution is still made by "Ukrtatnafta", which increased production to 573,7 thousand tons (+ 16,8%).

"Ukrgasdobycha" reduced the shipment to the domestic market of gasoline by 13,4% - up to 112,1 thousand tons.


The diesel fuel balance for the ten months of 2017 increased by 2,8% to 4,9 million tons. At the same time, imports increased to 4,27 million tons (+ 0,9%).


Belarus accounted for 1,98 million tons, down 14,4% from the same period in 2016, when Belarusian refineries demonstrated record supplies to Ukraine. This year they were replaced by imports through the oil pipeline "Prykarpatzapadtrans": in January-October, 1,42 million tons were imported, including 211,3 thousand tons with the supply from Gomel to the Chernigov region. Another 95 thousand tons of Russian product came by sea.


A total of 355,2 thousand tons of diesel fuel was transported through the ports during the period under review. The main source remains Greece - 133,2 thousand tons (-46%). Also, the volumes of diesel fuel deliveries from Orlen factories decreased - from Lithuania and Poland 436,3 thousand tons of the resource were delivered, which is 18% less than last year's figure.


The Kremenchug refinery and Shebelinsky GPP ensured the growth of the diesel fuel market balance, increasing production by 18,3% to 625 thousand tons. In the "Consulting Group A-95" noted, that the production of "Ukrtatnafta" is calculated taking into account the average yield of light oil products and the supply of oil to the plant. Since company, for unknown reasons, does not promptly report on production indicators since 2014.


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