Kazakhstan plans to complete modernization of Atyrau refinery in III-IV quarters


Kazakhstan plans to complete the modernization of the Atyrau refinery with the launch of a complex of deep oil refining in the third and fourth quarters of 2017. This will allow the company to switch to the production of fuels of the fifth class.


"Commissioning of the deep oil refining complex will increase the depth of oil refining, the production of motor fuels necessary for the needs of the domestic market, with a reduction in the production of dark petroleum products, while all products will meet the requirements of environmental classes K4 and K5 of the technical regulations of the Customs Union," said "KuzMunaiGaz".


The construction of the deep oil refining complex is the final stage of the modernization program for the Atyrau refinery, which is being implemented without stopping the basic production. With the launch of the complex, the capacity of the plant will grow from 5 to 5,5 million tons of oil per year. The production of motor gasoline will increase to 1,75 million tons per year, diesel fuel - up to 1,64 million tons, aviation kerosene - up to 244 thousand tons. The depth of oil refining will increase to 85%.


The complex of deep oil refining will employ 12 process units and 49 facilities of the general plant. The project is implemented jointly with the Chinese Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. with the involvement of the Export-Import Bank of China.


As it was noted, at the on-site meeting on July 3, the task facing the republic is to increase the processing volumes to 17 million tons a year through modernization of three refineries. In 2018, it is planned to be implemented.


Earlier in June, the Shymkent Oil Refinery commissioned an isomerization unit for light gasoline fractions with a pre-hydrotreating unit for raw materials. This allowed the company to start producing motor fuel of the fourth and fifth classes. The licensor of the technology and the developer of the basic project is UOP (USA), the general contractor is People's Republic of China. At present, the construction of the facilities of the second stage of modernization, aimed at increasing the plant's capacity to 6 million tons per year, is continuing. Projects should be completed in September 2018.


In 2017, Kazakhstan is scheduled for processing at a level of 14,5 million tons. In January-May, enterprises of the republic processed 5,9 million tons of crude oil. The production of motor gasoline grew by 3,2% to 1,27 million tons, diesel fuel - by 6,4% and amounted to 1,74 million tons. 490,68 thousand tons of gasoline and 140,68 thousand tons of diesel fuel were imported.


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