"Orange Oil" enters LPG market with its own LPG-tankers


The company "Orange Oil" has acquired and started operating with two LPG-tankers for LPG trading in the Black Sea basin. During the first international forum Black Sea Petroleum 2017, said Roman Rumyantsev, director of the company.


According to him, one vessel has already started deliveries of LPG from Russian transshipment to consumers in Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey. The second tanker is being registered. "This will be the first ship for transportation of liquefied gas under the Ukrainian flag with the symbolic name Dnipro LPG," said Rumyantsev.


He also said, that the company is considering opportunities for import supplies of LPG to Ukraine in the formation of a more successful economic conjuncture. "Today, to carry gas in Ukraine from the sea is no. When the price arbitration arises, we will be able to use our fleet to deliver it to Ukraine, " said the trader.


He also noted, that own fleet is one of the key advantages on the market that allow "Orange Oil" to compete with diesel fuel suppliers from Russia and Belarus.


In total, the company has 20 units of oil loading fleet.


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"Orange Oil" - operator of the wholesale market of petroleum products. Specializes in the supply of fuels by water transport to the small ports of Odessa, Mykolayiv, Kherson regions and the city of Dnepr. According to the "Consulting Group" A-95 ", in 2016 the company supplied 30 thousand tons of diesel fuel and 5,1 thousand tons of gasoline to Ukrainian ports.


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