LPG increased to 19 700 UAH per ton at the Petroleum Trading Platform


Company's "Prometey-Oil" and "Inter Global" at the auction on November 4, held on the electronic trading platform Petroleum Trading Platform (PTP), launched "UPK Commerce" realized 98 tons of LPG. Correspondent by OilNews observed the progress of the auction.


18 tons of LPG production of "SIBUR-Torbolsk Neftezhim" put up from Gas filling station in Borodyanka (Kyiv region), "Prometheus Oil", were bought by 19 680 UAH per ton, which is 880 UAH per ton higher than the starting price.


80 tons of automobile LPG production parties "Transekspedicija" (Vitebsk, Belarus) with shipping with Makarov GFS (Zhytomyr region), were shared between the 2 companies for the price of 19 670-19 690 UAH per ton.


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"UPK Commerce" - a major importer of LPG. It operates with three Gas filling stations: Makarov (Zhytomyr region), Melitopol (Zaporozhye region) and Ternopil. It has its own fleet of LNG carriers and a small network of gas stations operating under the brand "UPK-Evroplyus".


"Inter Global" - independent trade, specializing in the supply of LPG from Belarusian direction. The founders - a citizen of Belarus Alexander Plahotsky and Ukrainian Sergey Hozhay.


"Prometey-oil" - independent trader, specializing in wholesale sales of LPG. The founders are the Danilchuk Alexander and Makarov Mikhail.


Gas filling station in Borodyanka - the newest and one of the most modern facilities for the storage of LPG in the Kiev region. The first parties of gas the station were adopted in September 2016, owned by the Poltava company "Nadezhda". The simultaneous storage capacity of about 2000 cubic meters. The station is equipped with nine tanks for 100 cubic meters and 22 tanks to 54 cubic meters. All tanks are placed underground.







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