"Tengizchevroil" does not intend to terminate the contract with "Petro Carbo Chem-Mukachevo" to supply LPG


The largest Kazakhstani producer of liquefied gas, "Tengizchevroil", does not intend to break the contract for the supply of LPG to the Ukrainian company "Petro Carbo Chem-Mukachevo" (PPCM). This was reported to the Nefterynok by the company.


In PPCM, the reason for the redirection of "Tengizchevroil's liquefied gas to the gas filling stations in Cherkasskaya (Belozerye station) and Dnipropetrovsk regions (Privolnoye station) is the lack of electric locomotives and manoeuvrable locomotives of "Ukrzaliznytsia". The difficulties with the transportation of liquefied gas due to failures in the work of "Ukrzalitsnytsi" representatives of PPCM notified and "Tengizchevroil".


"In this regard, in order to speed up the delivery of LPG to the domestic market of Ukraine, as well as to improve the turnover of wagon-cisterns, the company decided to address the central taxation system of the central Ukraine," the company added.


In "Petro Carbo Chem-Mukachevo" notes, that earlier in the media, deliberately untrue information about a possible loss of the contract for the supply of LPG "Tengizchevroil", as well as about the alleged close ties of the founders of the company with "Tengizchevroil" was disseminated in the media. It should be noted that "Petro Carbo Hem-Mukachevo" became the third company after SOCAR and "Nadezhda", which concluded a direct contract for the supply of liquefied gas to the company "Tengizchevroil" in Ukraine.


Information Nefterynok:


The transshipment complex PCCM is located in  Pavshino, Mukacheve district of the Transcarpathian region and covers an area of ​​more than 32 hectares. The complex transports LPG and petrochemical products from railway tank cars of the CIS standard to Euro tanks under Klucharki station of Lviv Railway.


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