In 2017, the share of Ukrainian gasoline in the market rose to 40%


Due to reduced imports and increased processing in Ukraine, the share of domestic producers in the market has reached 40%.


This is reported by the consulting company UPECO.


In 2017, gasoline production in Ukraine increased by 2,3% to 794 thousand tons. The Kremenchug refinery increased output by 6,5% to 660 thousand tons. Shebelinsky GPP reduced production by almost 14,4% to 134 thousand tons. tons (of which they exported only 5,2 thousand tons against 30,7 thousand tons for the same period in 2016). Let's note that, taking into account the reduced export of Shebelinsky GPP, in 2017 domestic processors increased gasoline deliveries to the domestic market by 5,2% to 786 thousand tons.


As a result, the share of domestic producers has increased from 33,8% to almost 40%. In the context of the balance sheet, Kremenchug refinery accounts for 33%, for Shebelinsky GPP - 6,4% of supplies.


Recall, that last year the balance of gasoline in Ukraine (import plus production, minus exports) fell by 9,3% from 2,23 million tons to 2 million tons.


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