In the Dnieper dismantled already 70 illegal gas filling stations


The number of dismantled illegal gas filling stations in the city of Dnepr has reached 70 units. This is stated in the press service of the city administration.


"Last weekend, 70 illegal gas stations were removed from the streets of the Dnieper. None of the filling stations had documents for work, they rudely violated all safety rules, " the report said.


The mayor's office also notes, that the owners of confiscated illegal monoblocs with the help of the police are already trying to return their objects. So, in the evening of June 21, the owner of such a tank, accompanied by the police arrived at the base, which is rented by the "Office for the organization of control in the field of improvement and placement of outdoor advertising" with a request that return their the monoblocs.


"However, no one could get to the warehouse site - the investigator did not have any document, that would allow this to law enforcement. The so-called entrepreneurs have a whole folder of papers, but there is no main thing-a binding passport, that regulates the work of objects, " noted the city council.


As reported OilNews, June 10, the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov during the demolition of the illegal gas filling stations on the Robochay street, 80 announced a total purge of the city from illegal gas stations.


At the end of March 2017, the Kiev authorities stepped up their struggle against illegal gas filling stations. According to OilNews, four visiting brigades have been set up, including employees of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, the Prosecutor's Office, the National Police and the Labor Protection Service for complete cleaning of the city from various illegal developments, including gas filling stations. As a result, the most of items were dismantled, or voluntarily stopped the implementation and removed their equipment.


As the president of the "Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine" (NAU) Dmitry Kulik noted, the owners of dismantled illegal gas stations in the capital massively transfer their "business" to the Kiev region.


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