In the Kiev region are operating swindlers in shallow wholesale.


One of the traders in the capital region reported the Nefterynok about the new scheme of fraud, which is used by dealers in the market of small wholesale. A shell company makes telephone calls fuel traders (sellers), introducing a consumer (buyer) of petroleum products, which need supply of fuel in the Kiev region or in the Western region.


 Attackers agree to buy 10-15 thousand liters and more fuel at a starting selling price (for example, by diesel fuel 14,25-14,40 UAH / liter), and, as a rule, even without haggling.  On the requirement to provide the statutory documents of the company-the buyer, the fraudsters refuse to mean "special employment" (say, "bring fuel we all see - the quality, availability, transportation and level of the company, etc., and then contract and accounts").  If the seller persistence exceeds the intransigence dealers, the company can receive by e-mail copies of the statutory documents of the real company that represents the swindlers. The main feature and suspicious transactions is the reluctance of the buyer to make an advance payment for fuel, not to mention the delivery service. Further, if the fuel company accepts such conditions, it will definitely to offer (create a situation), when it will be able to deliver a fuel truck in the period 13.00-15.00 on the company.  


It is important to emphasize that the swindlers can be called by any entity (LLC or PE), but they called a real address of the company-customer (for example, agricultural or construction). When the tanker arrives at the company, the consumer begins a long time to check the quality of fuel, measure its density to study the color and so on.  "It turned out that at this moment it is asked swindlers a real buyer, which on behalf of the seller, they are negotiating without prepaid fuel allegedly brought a very low price. For example, the proposal voiced by mozyr diesel fuel to 10,00-11,50 UAH / liter for cash, despite the fact that on 17 March, the average price for Ukraine was by bank transfer 14.48 UAH / liter, and for cash calculation 13.90 UAH / liter " - says the source publication. According to him, many buyers agree to accept a lower the price and agree to work with swindlers. On arrival tanker on the enterprise (as a rule in the territories is always a lot of tenants), the fuel company thinks that it is cooperating with the company that owns the territory, as a rule, all have several legal entities (and in fact, with its managers communicate by telephone only swindlers that can be submitted by buyers or storekeepers), and the consumer believes that he  collaborates with the fuel trader (even with him by telephone at the same time communicate with the attackers, who represents the seller managers). 


Once the buyer has checked the quality of "cheap fuel" in a gasoline tank truck, swindlers keep everything under control - just call the customer and immediately require money supply for that would fuel truck began to unload (may require not all money, but only a deposit, that the buyer quickly agreed). They are asked to transfer money to the card "Privat".


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