In Ukraine, opened the first station of fast charging electric vehicles Supercharger.


Ukrainian owners of electric vehicles have access to high-speed electric car station (ECS) for their vehicles. The first so-called "supercharger" - a station which works with AC and DC - Oxygen Company opened near Moscow Square in Kiev, reports Electrocars.


ECS supports the three most common charging standard: Japanese, European and American. Thus, the station can charge electric cars such as BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault, Tesla and others. At the same time electric Tesla can refill battery power in just 30 minbtes, as opposed to 6-8 hours when connected to a conventional power outlet and 3 hours when using the charging Type II.


ECS is located at the adress Avenue of Science, 5, near the Motor Show Oxygen. According to unofficial information Electrocars, the company plans - creation of a network of ECS, and the first long-distance direction in which they appear, will be the route Kyiv-Lviv. In addition, the resource informs that Oxygen already has delivered for sale about 100 Nissan Leaf. In the Motor Show also presents the Tesla Model S and the BMW i3. Note that up to this point in Ukraine was about 150 charging stations for electric vehicles, but among them are no one "supercharger".


As yesterday reported OilNews, until the end of 2016, an American manufacturer of electric vehicles (ElectricVehicle - EV) Tesla Motors plans to build in Ukraine two branded electro car station (ECS) Tesla Supercharger for their EV. Both ECS is scheduled to open on the highway Kyiv-Lviv: one station near Zhitomir, and the second - near the Lviv.




In the owners of the Chinese electric vehicles, for example, BYD e6, can arise problems when serving on the ECS Supercharger. Formally, using the same connectors as the competitors from other countries, the Chinese manufacturers of electric cars are often added to the construction of the power connector "highlight" - shifted by 90 ° key.


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