In the UK, electric car owners will be able annually to receive up to 530 dollars


In the United Kingdom from next year, the energy supplier Ovo intends to pay drivers of electric cars Nissan's Leaf for the use of their car battery.


This is reported by ElectroVesti, with reference to materials


It is noted, that for many British drivers this money (up to £ 400 or $ 530) can be a significant contribution to cover the annual costs of charging the car.


The Ovo V2G scheme will start operating in January 2018. It will allow owners of electric cars Nissan to connect to the network for charging at low prices in the cheap tariff periods. Then they can use the electricity stored in the battery of their car, at home and at work, when the cost of electricity becomes higher. Drivers can also return electricity back to the grid in order to receive money.


This innovation will benefit the company by allowing it to sell cheap energy four times more expensive, and to a customer who can save a projected average of 240 pounds sterling ($ 320) per year.


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