Shares buyback

Shares buyback by the Collective Investment Institutions enables investors to exit an investment partially or in full. Investor get an investment profit when the net assets value grows.

The Collective Investment Institutions (CII) shares buyback is governed in Ukraine by the following legal acts:

  • The Law of Ukraine "About the Collective Investment Institutions"
  • The Provision of NSSMC about the procedure of the CII securities placement, circulation and buyback (the Decision No. 1338 dated July 30, 2013)

The procedure of Integrum Ventures shares buyback is governed by it's Regulatory.

The announcements of the shares buyback are published by the fund monthly in the section Corporate news.

How to execute the shares buyback?

STEP 1. Submit a preliminary aplication in free form to the e-mail address or online with the feedback form
STEP 2. Provide the documents necessary for consideration of an application
STEP 3. Visit one of our offices for signing of the shares buyback agreement
STEP 4. Transfer shares on the Integrum Ventures' account in the Central depository of Ukraine
STEP 5. Get the funds on your account in any bank of Ukraine

What shoud you know about the Integrum Ventures shares' buyback?

  • The buyback is based on the estimated value of the fund's shares on the date of the trasfer of such shares on the emitent's account. The estimated value of the share is calculated by dividing the total net assets value, calculated on the date of the trasfer of the shres on the emitent's account, by the amount of the share in circulation on the date of the settlements.
    For the time the fund Integrum Ventures works, since March 2013, its net asset value has grown for 195%.
  • When buying shares back a discount to the estimated value of the shares may be set, which remains in the fund's assets. The amount of discount can not exceed 25% of the estimated value of the fund's shares. The decision on a discount should be taken by the Supervisory board.
    The Supervisory board of the fund Integrum Ventures does not intent to set a discount to the estimated value of the shares, investor gets the full investmentst profit.
  • The shares' buyback shall be executed on the basis of the investor's application. Investor and the fund shall enter into the shares' buyback agreement after the applcation submission.
  • The settlements shall be made by transfering to the investor the sum in cash due. The calculation of the amount of mone to be paid to the investor, shall be calculated by multiplication of the number of shares, which are submitted for buyback. and the price per share, calculated on the date of the shares transfer to the emitent's account.

Which documents should be provided for the shares' buyback?

For individuals:

  • passport and taxpayers identificational code (for residents only)
  • identity document and a document confirming stay in Ukraine (for non-residents only)
  • marriage sertificate, passport and taxpayers identificational code of the spouse, notary-certified consent of the other spouse (a consent can be drawn up at the fund's office, in this case the presence of the spouse required)
  • securities account balance statement issued by a depositary institution less than three days before the application
  • documents of title (needed to calculate the tax base)

For companies:

  • title documents
  • documentary proof of powers
  • securities account balance statement issued by a depositary institution less than three days before the application

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